Why Didn't Germans Invade France Through Switzerland In WW1? (2023)

Social Studies High School


Answer 1

During both World War I and World War II, the Swiss Confederation managed to keep a stance of armed neutrality, and was not involved militarily. However, precisely because of its neutral status, Switzerland was of considerable interest to all parties involved, as the scene for diplomacy, espionage, commerce, and as a safe haven for refugees.

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Josie is thrilled that her baby now smiles when she sees any person appear. this is called _____ and begins at about _____ months of age.


I believe the answer is:the social smile; 2
the social smile refers to the intentional smiling gesture that aimed speciific individuals.
Social smile indicates that the baby already developed the ability to differentiate objects and individuals and acknowledge these individuals as something that relevant to their life.

As you think you, you travel, as you love, you attract. you are today where your thoughts have brought you


Wow. Brainly has good tricky quetions, Hmmmm i think its gonna be your mind or brain



What's the difference between philosophy and religion simplest form?


Philosophyis the rational investigation of truth.

Religionmakes the same kind of truth claims based on faith rather than rationality or reason.

The key difference is that they are different epistemological positions — philosophy has a system of logical principles in place to arrive at conclusions whereas many religions (such as Christianity) allow for other sources of knowledge (i.e. faith).

The duryea brothers invented? 1.the assembly line
2.the microwave oven
3. The gasoline powered automobile
4. None of these


Number 3. They invented the gasoline-powered automobile, which was previously powered by steam.


The answer is C)

Hope this helps!

Thomas Edison invented which of the following 1. Telegraph
2.diesel engine
3. Microwave oven
4. None of these


The answer is none of these.

Thomas Edison was invented the Electric Lamp.

By the way,

1. Telegraph was invented by M Lammond
2. Diesel engine was invented by Rudolf Diesel
3. Microwave oven was invented by Percy LeBaron Spencer.

The opponent-process theory explains why we would see a ________ afterimage after staring at a blue object.


The opponent-process theory is most useful for explaining a characteristic of afterimages. Yellow.

Why did President William McKinley want to go to war with Spain in 1898? A)Spain had attacked American forces in Hawaii. B)American slaves were receiving weapons from Spain. C)War was needed to make the region safe for American business and commerce. D)Spain had violated treaties after World War I by building up their navy and army.


B American slaves we’re recovering weapons from spain

In Rome’s legislative branch, plebeians served in the Assemblies while the Senate’s members were


Patricians were the Senate's members




Why was slavery most important to the economies of the Southern Colonies? A.

Enslaved Africans built ships there.


Growing cash crops required a lot of workers.


Other colonies banned slavery.


The Southern Colonies had more large cities.
(I believe the answer is C.)


I would go with B) Hope this helps!

What was a negative effect on Native Americans of trade with the colonists? A.

Native Americans began to farm.


Native Americans got into violent land disputes with colonists.


Many Native Americans learned to speak English.


Some Native Americans and colonists married into each other’s families.

(I believe the answer is D. (help me))


I agree with you. The answer should be D) When they married there were less colonies to trade with.



Dana gives care to marnie's dog when dana finds marnie's dog ill on the side of the road. after marnie locates her dog, marnie promises to reimburse dana for the cost of treating the dog. marnie's promise is binding, because there is a bargained-for-exchange.


That statement is False.
the way for an agreement to be considered as 'binding' is if there is a written agreement that signed between all parties involved or if the agreement happened publicly in the eyes of many witnesses.
In the particular case above, Marnie could went away without paying the reimbursement and still facing no consequences.

The belief that one race is superior to another is called?


Racism is the called

ethnocentrism is the belief that one race is superior to another
that might be the word you are looking for

Why were Northern states concerned about Missouri joining the Union as a slave state since it was the first state admitted from the Louisiana Purchase?


Got to HISTORYNET and look up The Missouri Compromise. This has the answer in it and it is clearly written and easy to understand and write in your own words.

What is the roll of cultural anthropology? Include ideas of fieldwork, holistic perspective, ethnography, ethnology, and concept of culture.


Cultural Anthropologists research and observe various cultural phenomena like music, language and art, as well as social relationships, habitation and evolution. Anthropologists may be required to travel to various locations to gather information and may even live among distant civilizations during observation.

An example of an American anathropologist is:Margaret Mead was an American cultural anthropologist who featured frequently as an author and speaker in the mass media during the 1960s and 1970s.

What was the purpose of Margaret Mead's classic study of cultural variation?
In the 1930s anthropologistMargaret Meadconducted a now-classic study of cultural variation. Herpurposein thestudywas to determine whether differences in basic temperament – the fundamental emotional disposition of a person – result mainly from inherited characteristics or fromculturalinfluences.

Give examples of the 7 characteristics of culture.


Culture is learned. It is shared. It takes time to develop, is transmitted across generations, and is subject to change. It cannot be isolated. Culture is essential for life. These are the 7 characteristics of culture that this Buzzle article outlines.

Help Fast! why did the US enter world war 2?


Well @ first the u.s were on no site, but then when the japanese bombed the american fleet in pearl harbor on Dec 7th. The us entered the war.

Hope this helps!

Although the war began with Nazi Germany's attack on Poland in September 1939, the United States did not enter the war until after the Japanese bombed the American fleet in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on December 7, 1941.


How do a concurring opinion and a unanimous opinion differ?


Concurring Opinion

A concurring opinion agrees with the outcome of the majority opinion but not necessarily the reasoning found in the majority opinion. The concurring opinion gives a concurring justice an opportunity to further explain the legal reasoning of a case or to offer a completely different legal reasoning for the decision.

unanimous. adjective. Sharing the sameopinionsor views; being in complete harmony or accord. Based on or characterized by complete assent or agreement.

In law, aconcurring opinionis in certain legal systems a writtenopinionby one or more judges of a court which agrees with the decision made by the majority of the court, but states different (or additional) reasons as the basis for his or her decision.

Here are the two definitions (the bottom ones) read them carefully and contrast them for your answer.

How do a concurring opinion and a unanimous opinion differ?


1.In law, aconcurring opinionis in certain legal systems a writtenopinionby one or more judges of a court which agrees with the decision made by the majority of the court, but states different (or additional) reasons as the basis for his or her decision.

2.When a group or a decision isunanimous, it means that everyone is in total agreement. ... The adjectiveunanimouscomes from the similar Latin word unanimus, which means “of one mind.” So when people thinkunanimously, they all have the same idea in their heads. A vote isunanimouswhen all voters are in agreement.

Both of these are dictionary definitions. Read both and then compose a statement of what each of them are by themselves and then...start a new paragraph that states the difference of the unanimous opinion.

Hope this helps.

__________ is a permit issued with a photograph for the purpose of permitting a student driver to legally practice when accompanied by a licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age and has had at least one year driving experience and who is occupying the seat beside the driver.


I believe it is a drivers permit

A man's wife wakes him from his peaceful slumber to tell him that she heard a noise. as he slowly gets up to investigate, his heart begins to race, his mouth is dry, and he begins to sweat; his _____ system has been activated.


His sympathetic nervous has been activated.

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