What Was Dicovered In California That Caused People To Move There In 1849? (2023)

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Answer 1

To find gold and get rich.

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What 2 things did jesus say would happen?


The last judgement that's for sure and ........that he woyld take al f us to heaven

What prevented roosevelt from responding to british appeals for help in 1940?


FDR was limited in his ability to respond to Britain's call for help in 1940 due to the Neutrality Acts passed by Congress in the 1930's.

The Neutrality Acts consisted of three different laws, but all of them were based around the idea of avoiding foreign wars at all costs. The following are just some conditions of this acts passed by Congress:

1) The US government was forbidden to sell arms to countries involved in war.
2) Forbid American ships from entering war zones.
3) Barred Americans from traveling on ships that would be considered hostile.
4) Prevented American commercial ships from being armed.

All of these conditions show America's dedication to staying out of foreign affairs during this time period.

What is important in the placement of the interchapter closing part i?


This part denotes the purpose of partition between the ranchers who might have passed on for their property, and the men with machines, who put their opportunity in and punched out understanding the land and influencing the place you to work a house is currently a relic of past times.

China has a policy that fines couples who have more than how many children?


China has the policy that fines couples who have more than 2 children.

How many illegitimate children did martin luther king jr have?

By the mid-1940s, there was a split between liberals and conservatives in the democratic party focusing on


The contentious issues had to do with the New deal and issues to do with human rights. The new deal which was a signature policy of Roosevelt, and which had helped alleviate the great depression suffering was increasingly facing criticism from the conservatives who believed it was a great toll on big companies. Issues to do with civil rights for the blacks were also highly divisive.

What day of the week was july 11th 1996?


.... What is relevant about that.. Ok... It was a thursday.

By late 1942 the united states effectively countered german advantages in the atlantic with what strategic response aerial bombardment


the answer is not aerial bombardment
The correct answer is convoys and escorts. The USA arranged to have its merchant ships, transporting military wares and foods to the allies to be escorted by convoys across the Atlantic.

United states involvement in vietnam started at the battle of?


The TET offensive
The offensive started in Vietnam new lunar year, known as lunar holiday. The north Vietnamese communist regime and the Vietcong, the rebel group that was fighting against the south Vietnam regime launched a series of attacks. the USA joined the war with an aim of containing the spread of communism as the North wanted to reunite with the south.

The end of world war i hostilities saw the collapse of which empires


Several empires collapsed after ww1
Austria Hungary collapsed and was divided
The ottoman empire collapsed
The Russian empire under czar Nicholas ii was taken over by the Bolsheviks under Lenin, firsts by Kerensky.

What factors led to the united states and russia collaborating on the iss?


The Russians had a lot of experience with space related things because of their previous station which was getting old. The United States had money and will to cooperate. They decided to work together and explore space together since they could help each other and in turn help the world with their discoveries and there were certainly many discoveries.

How did american entry into world war i affect germany's strategy?



The US entry into the First World War frustrated Germany's strategy of weakening the countries of the Triple Entente (Russia, United Kingdom and France).


When the Russians came out of the First World War, the Entente bloc became very weak, so Germany and its ally were able to make much headway. With the exit of Russia, the United Kingdom and France were very worn out and the chances of defeat were increasing.

On April 6, 1917, the United States declared war on the Germans and their allies. A large volume of soldiers, tanks, ships and warplanes were used to ensure that the Entente victory was secured. The arrival of all these things strengthened the Entente and frustrated the plans of Germany to advance before their enemies. In a short time, the German and Austrian troops were defeated. In November 1918, the armistice of Compiègne was successful in the withdrawal of the Germans and the rapid victory of the Triple Entente.

Germany's strategy based itself into destroying the allies before the American troops arrived.

How did congress respond to the 1962 publication of rachel carson’s silent spring?


The book Silent Spring exposed the lack of concern for the environment in the United States. One of the main focuses of this was the use of pesticides. Congress did an investigation in order to see if these claims were valid or not. The results of Congress validated this study and prompted the regulation of chemicals and the amount of pollution that companies put into the air.

D. it restricted the use of DDT

How did the committee on public information use art to gain americans' support for the war?


It Hired artists to create heroic posters.

Flictions of crimes. With pretend with amoniuts wit frequencies

How was the spanish american war a turning point in american foreign policy?


By the Treaty of Paris (signed Dec. 10, 1898), Spain renounced all claim to Cuba, ceded Guam and Puerto Rico to the United States, and transferred sovereignty over the Philippines to the United States for $20 million. The Spanish-American War was an important turning point in the history of both antagonists.

How was the rights liberalism of this era different from the welfate liberalism of the 1930s and 1940s?


Rights liberalism was prominent in the Civil Rights movements that began in the second half of the 20th century in the USA. Rights liberalism focused on acquiring equal political and social rights (such as voting, access to jobs and public facilities, etc) by persons of color and by women, who were not being afforded equal rights at the time.
Welfare liberalism of the 1930s and 1940s aimed at providing for the basic needs of all citizens, preventing people from languishing in poverty, offering work opportunities and Social Security for all. The intent was to build a more socially responsible society to help any members of society that would be in need.

The liberal tradition had John Stuart Mill as one of its founding fathers. Mill, a 19th century philosopher, is famous for his writing On Liberty as well as Utilitarianism. In promoting liberty (liberalism), he advocated the rights of all individuals. In his utilitarian theory, he worked with the principle that securing the greatest well-being of the greatest number of persons is the best, most ethical path to follow. The welfare liberalism tradition aligns especially with this utilitarian principle advocated by Mill. Rights liberalism aligns especially with the principles he set forth in his writing On Liberty.

What is the intended message of wenda gu's united nations—china monument?


It is the associations between cultures are imperative.
Gu built up an enthusiasm for substantial materials, and in understanding mankind, crosswise over ethnic and national limits, through hair and other real substances. One display he created, sorted out around sterile napkins sent to him by ladies from sixty nations, was assaulted by women's activist developments and declined to be appearing at each scene he drew nearer. Some of his different works incorporated the utilization of semen and a placenta, which are evidently far less stunning materials in China than in the West, as they are some of the time utilized as a feature of conventional Chinese prescription.

How many were killed in the battle of chancellorsville?


1,606 Union members killed. 1,665 Confederate members killed. A total of 3271 people died in the battle of Chancellorsville.

Which of the following statements summarizes the challenges faced in china in the early 1900s


Without the statements given it would be more related to foreign and western invasions in China. During these times the Chinese are under the influence or rule of Western powers and the Imperial Japan. It also one of the dark ages of China where opium and corruption are widespread in the country and officials are bribed. Also China is divided into warring warlords vying for the rule of the entire China.



separation from family

difficulty making a living

detention at Angel Island


What reason did charles de gaulle cite as necessitating the need for decentralization of the arts?


A main reason for supporting decentralization of the arts was to promote artistic and creative activity across the country of France, making the arts more accessible to more people and expanding cultural relationships through the arts.

President Charles de Gaulle supported this movement toward decentralization when he came into office in 1959. For example, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, created under his administration, addedTroupes Permanentes(Permanent Companies) for theatrical productions in a number of cities nationwide. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs, with de Gaulle's support, also a number of Houses of Culture across France.


The principle explanation behind supporting decentralization of expressions of the human experience was to advance masterful and imaginative movement the nation over of France.


Making expressions of the human experience more open to more individuals and growing social connections through expressions of the human experience. President Charles de Gaulle bolstered this development toward decentralization when he came into office in 1959. For instance, the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, made under his organization, addedTroupes Permanent for showy creations in various urban communities nationwide. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs, with de Gaulle's help, likewise various Houses of Culture crosswise over France.

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