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CRASHER (RAIDER): ORIGIN is a game for android with release date 07.25.2019 from 4399en game company. Game genre: Action. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


Review of Guides and game Secrets (1)

  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Character Leveling Guide
  3. How to upgrade equipment in the forge?
  4. Runes Guide
  5. Leveling Mount and Pet
  6. Saint Seal Leveling
  7. Synthesis Basics (Merge)
  8. Album Card Boost
  9. Proper use of things from the bag (Backpack)
  10. Dungeon Walkthrough (Dungeon)
  11. Boss Fight Guide
  12. Cross-server rules (Manor event)
  13. Arena Fighting Guide
  14. League Guide
  15. Completing Daily Quests
  16. Escort Walkthrough
  17. Events and Promotions Overview
  18. The correct donation
  19. Is It Worth Playing?

Crasher Origin: A Beginner’s Guide

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Crasher: Origin is a new fantasy mmorpg, also known in the western market as "Raider: Origin". From the very beginning, you need to decide on the server, fix the game account in the system, choose your character and learn the main points of the game. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Character Creation. You can create up to three characters on one account. There are 2 classes:

  • Fencers (men) are melee fighters who fight by inflicting physical attacks.
  • Mages (women) - ranged fighters, attack with magic.
You can choose your preferred look for your character, give it an original name, or generate a random one.

Which one is better to choose? There is no significant difference in strength between swordsmen and mages - both fighters are very good at their job and do an excellent job both in PvE and PvP activities. However, each class has its own nuance:

  • The swordsman’s equipment set is assembled much faster than the magician’s equipment set. This is due to the dominance of male characters on the servers, which contributes to the faster appearance of male clothing in the League warehouse. If you are a magician, it will be more difficult for you to get the best ammunition.
  • It is much more difficult for a swordsman to find a match in the game and tie the knot, whereas sorcerers do not have such a problem. Married couples get a lot more gaming benefits than bachelors, so the issue of wedding in the game is important. If you are a swordsman, you will have to try to find a bride.

Thus, it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of which class to play for. Both swordsmen and mages have their own characteristics, so it is best to proceed from your preference in mechanics and choose what you like best - melee or ranged.

Correct start. For a successful and productive game, you need to start the game on a new server. So you are guaranteed to develop on a par with other players and be able to take pride of place in the ratings. Track the emergence of new servers both in the game itself and through news in the offs. communities, and register your account with the newest one. We also recommend that you allocate as much free time as possible in the first days of the game in order to open up a larger number of modes and pumping opportunities - an active start contributes to your future success.

Be sure to link your game account to Google Play and Facebook to save and secure your game data from accidental loss in the event of a technical failure, errors, etc.

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Main factors. The most important players shown are always reflected at the top of the page. These include:

  • Player level;
  • Total power (Power);
  • HP strip;
  • Major currencies: gold, pegged diamonds and diamonds;
  • Server time and ping;
  • The region the hero is in;
  • Information about the VIP level;
  • Your status: peaceful (cannot be attacked by other players) or in a state of battle (open to challenges);
  • Applied buffs.

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World map and sending the hero into battle. The field of action of the game is a world map, divided into continents and locations with a requirement for a character level. As you level up, your hero gains access to new zones, where new enemies, bosses and loot await him. Battles are ongoing. The entire map can be viewed by clicking on your region, and then on "World".

You can go to any available location on the world map, but keep in mind that in low-level regions you will earn very little experience and swing poorly. We recommend that you always send your hero to the region on the highest difficulty available.

Battle mechanics. Autoboy is used in battles. The hero has 4 skills that can also be applied in auto mode or manually. After the scale of using skills is completely filled, the hero summons a spirit to help him in battle. Please note that when fighting the boss, the spirit cannot be summoned even when the scale is full.

The game has a large number of activities in the auto battle mode, which can be completed without your participation. For this purpose, it is recommended to leave the phone switched on (remove sleep mode) and select the minimum graphics settings for long-term preservation of the device’s charge.

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How to earn experience and level up? You constantly earn experience by destroying enemies at the locations of the region and participating in the activities of the game. With the increase of experience, your level is pumped. You can see the earned experience per minute on the main screen.

The experience gained varies depending on the strength of the opponents, so we recommend moving around the location and looking for groups of strong, but quickly killed enemies. The bar for gaining experience before moving to the next level is always displayed at the very bottom of the screen.

Complete tasks (Task) on the main screen and earn extra experience. Tasks are constantly updated and most often consist in the destruction of a given number of enemies in a certain time.

Calling the boss during battles. This is your first non-stop home screen activity. For boss battles, kill ordinary enemies and thus fill the challenge activation scale. Once filled, the "Challenge" button on the left side of the screen lights up. Click on it and go into battle. The battle lasts 15 seconds. To challenge the bosses automatically, as the scale fills, set the parameter "Auto Challenge".

For battles with the boss, you get an experience bonus, which is very useful for speeding up leveling.

Offline awards. While you are not in the game, your hero continues to fight. For offline, you get experience, some prizes and cards for extending the collection of rewards in offline mode. Offline rewards are collected in the amount of time of activated cards.

It is very important to make sure that the actions of the cards are sufficient for the duration of your exits from the game. Otherwise, you will not earn anything or waste a few hours wasted. Additionally, offline reward cards are awarded in activities and are inexpensively bought in the store.

Crasher Origin: Character Leveling Guide

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To go to the main character leveling menu, click on the avatar in the upper left corner or the "Character" button at the bottom of the screen.

Hero skills. The hero has 4 active skills that he uses in battle. Skill icons are always displayed at the bottom of the battle screen. Their improvement occurs in proportion to the increase in the strength and level of the character. New passive skills are unlocked as the hero class changes. Each of them has its own effect. Also, passive skills increase every characteristic of the hero by 4%.

Pumping wings, spirit and holy weapons. Each element increases certain characteristics:

  • Wings: health, crit, accuracy and defense.
  • Spirit: attacks, dodge, breakdown and antikrit.
  • Holy weapons: accuracy, anti-crit, crit and dodge.

For pumping you will need materials: feathers for wings, aerolites for spirit, blades for Holy weapons. The higher the level of the hero, the more powerful materials you can get in activities and use. Use essences to level up the experience of wings, spirit and holy weapons. Upon reaching the required level thresholds, the elements open up new passive abilities.

Get in activities and activate various skins of wings, spirit and holy weapons to further increase your power!

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Change of class. Upon reaching the desired level, you have the opportunity to change the class. This option can be called "rebirth" of the character, as a result of which he increases his maximum level, unlocks new skills, increases stats and gains access to equipment of a higher rank. To change the class, you need to complete a number of story quests.

Title and rank. The rank and rank of the character depends on the progress in the Tower of Trials. You can view your current parameters on the "Echelon" tab. The floors climbed paint the slots in the Echelon. When all slots are full, you, with the help of training scrolls, increase your rank and rank. At the same time, the characteristics of the hero’s health and protection are enhanced.

Leveling up in the League. Pump over the stats of the hero on the "Warsoul" tab in your League. The level limit and improvement opportunities depend on the level of development of your League. To level up, spend contribution points (you can get it in the activities of the League). The higher the level of pumping the stat, the more contribution points you will need.

Watch out for red dots on activity icons and tabs - they are all clues about the emergence of new pumping opportunities, participation in activities, etc.

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Customization. New outfits, weapon looks, relics, various avatar frames and dialogue backgrounds not only customize your character, but also give him stat boosts. All these skins can be won in various activities, events, temporary promotions, or purchased for donation. In this case, you get increases, regardless of whether the hero uses these skins or not - only the fact of their presence and activation is important.

To get new skins for your hero, fight the Central Bosses more often.

Titles. Check out the list of titles and how to get them on the "Title" tab. Obtaining a title provides an increase in the characteristics of the hero. The title itself is displayed above the character in battle. If desired, it can be removed - the resulting increases in characteristics will not be lost from this.

Repeatedly obtaining the same title increases his star level.

Crasher Origin: How to upgrade equipment in the forge?

Review of Guides and game Secrets (9)

Pumping methods. In the forge (Smelt) you upgrade your equipment. There are 3 ways:

  • Leveling up;
  • Pumping by inserting gems;
  • Pumping sets of equipment.

Leveling up. To increase the level of equipment, go to the "Forge" tab of the forge and select from the list below the item that you want to pump. By clicking on it, you will automatically place it in the pumping slot. Then press the "Enhance" button and pay in gold (see screenshot). When replacing equipment with another, the level of pumping will be automatically transferred to a new thing, which is very convenient.

The pumping threshold is determined by the star rating of the equipment and the rank - the higher the rank and the more stars, the more you can improve this thing. The rank and stardom of the equipment cannot be increased - you can only get the necessary equipment in the battles with bosses or synthesize.

Pump your equipment evenly, without focusing on improving one thing. We recommend using the "Enhance" button for one-time pumping to improve things gradually and spend gold more economically. With automatic enhancement ("Auto-Enhance") you may not have enough gold for each piece of equipment and the purchase of compensation for missed activities.

Inserting gems into equipment. Up to 6 gems can be inserted into each piece of equipment, which increase the characteristics of equipment. New slots for gems are unlocked as the hero’s level rises. The last slot is only available for VIP5. Gemmas are of two types:

  • Emeralds (green) - give increases to protection and health;
  • Rubies (red) - give increases to attack and breakdown.

Gems are pumped by merging them with lower level gems. When you have accumulated the required number of low-level gems, click on the target gem and confirm the improvement. If you do not have enough gems, buy them in the store.

Watch out for the red dots on the gem slots. They mean that you have better quality gems to insert. Click on the slot with a dot, remove the old gem and choose a better one from the list.

Review of Guides and game Secrets (10)

Pumping sets of equipment. Weapons, helmets, pants, armor, gloves and shoes of the same class can be forged into appropriate sets. Necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets can be forged into jewelry sets. Use kit equipment of the same rank to get additional bonuses to characteristics.

Orange equipment of rank 6, 1 star and higher, can be used to create a Ghost set. A Divine Set can be created from a Ghost Set of Rank 5, 2 stars or higher. These sets can be enhanced at the forge using the set stones.

After changing equipment, you can disassemble the set or transfer bonuses of the characteristics of the set.

Crasher Origin: Runes Guide

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Types of runes and insert. To go to the runes, press the bottom menu button "Soul Cast". Each rune is responsible for a specific characteristic of the hero: health, attack, breakdown, dodge, crit, etc. Depending on the purpose, the rune has its own color and pattern. The best runes are red. In total, you can insert 8 runes, while the unlocking of new slots depends on the number of floors of the Tower of Trials completed.

The higher the floors of the Tower of Trials you completed, the more cool runes you can get on them. The best runes await you starting from the 216th floor.

Runes synthesis. Create new runes yourself using synthesis. To do this, press the "Rune Merge" button and go to the synthesis menu. Read more about synthesis in the corresponding section of the article.

Rune pumping. Improve the power of the runes with essences. Essences come in different types, and the better they are, the more power they give the runes. The best essences are obtained in the mid to late stages of the game, when you are sufficiently advanced in most activities. To pump a rune, click on it and press the "Level Up" button. To quickly consume essences to the limit, press "Quick Level Up".

The more you pump the rune, the more essences you will need. We recommend that you download all 8 runes in slots evenly, using the "Level Up" button.

Replacement of runes. To change the rune to another, click on it and click "Replace". In the window that opens, select the desired rune and click "Embed". You cannot insert the same runes! Each slot is designed for a specific category of runes. You can’t place me runes in slots in some places.

Focus on the colors and quickly change the runes to the best available. Red dots on slots tell you about the possibility of replacement. Your rune collection should always be complete and up to date.

Review of Guides and game Secrets (12)

Analysis of runes. Disassemble runes into their constituent components in the "Melting Rune" tab and get additional essence. This is a great way to cleverly get rid of runes that you don’t need. The pumped runes are not displayed in the disassembly window - to disassemble them, split them to level 1. Synthesized runes of the 1st level are displayed only in the split window.

Be careful when analyzing runes. Disassembled runes disappear from your inventory and cannot be restored.

Separation of runes. After splitting, the improved rune returns to level 1, and all the essences spent on pumping it are restored. Separating lvl 1 double and triple runes returns all fusion materials.

Divide improved level 1 runes and get stat gems to restore rune stardom. This stone can be used in place of the red rune.

Crasher Origin: Leveling Mount and Pet

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To upgrade your mount and pet, open the "Mount" bottom menu. Here you will see two separate tabs for improving your helpers.

Pet pumping. The pet increases attack, dodge, breakdown and anti-crit. You can hide the display of a pet in battle (the "Hide" checkbox) or choose another pet from the available ones - this will not affect your battles in any way. To upgrade your pet, you need elixirs. They come in different qualities, and the better the elixir, the more it will give to BR. The availability of elixirs depends on the level of the hero.

By swinging a pet, you fill its luck scale. A filled scale gives the pet one star of rank.

The pet’s experience is pumped with the help of potions obtained in activities. Also, pet experience can be added through the absorption of equipment. As stars are added, the pet’s rank increases, which unlocks its passive abilities. The maximum number of passive abilities is 6.

To see the available pets and find out how to get them, click the "Shape" button. Each pet gives its own bonuses to characteristics and has different passive abilities.

Leveling up the mount. The mount gives an increase to the indicators of accuracy, health, crit and defense. His experience is pumped with the help of elixirs and boluses. The mount has no improvement scale - in the process of pumping, only its luck scale is filled. When it reaches the limit, the mount gets a new star. The stars determine the rank of the mount and the unlocking of its passive abilities. With the increase in rank, the appearance of the mount changes. All mounts in the game can be viewed by clicking "Shape".

For pumping your hero, his equipment, pet, mount, wings, etc. you get extra progress rewards in the Ranking Rush event!

Crasher Origin: Saint Seal Leveling

Review of Guides and game Secrets (14)

Finding. To access the Holy Seal functionality, go to the Backpack and select Saint Seal from the bottom menu. The use of seals is another opportunity to pump the hero. Do not confuse the insertion of seals with the use of runes and gems - these are different types of pumping.

All seals are ranked. The higher the rank of the seal, the greater the increase in the characteristics of the hero it will give. Your task is to collect a complete set of seals and activate the set bonus. Seals are obtained in various activities, the main of which is a cross-server competition.

Using. All of your seals are located in slots in the "Saint Seal" menu. For convenience, they are marked with green up and red down arrows. Accordingly, you need to use only those seals that add power to you.

Collect sets of seals of the same rank to activate the set bonus and get stat bonuses! You can see all possible sets on the "Set Overview" tab. All sets are formed according to the lowest seal in the set.

Pumping seals. To upgrade the seals, go to the "Enhance" tab and use the Vigor obtained in activities and when dismantling seals. If in the future you replace the seal with another, then all pumping will be automatically transferred to the new seal, and you will not lose anything.

Review of Guides and game Secrets (15)

Analysis of seals. Disassemble unnecessary stamps in the "Quick Melt" tab. For this you get Vigor, which is necessary for pumping the seal. The higher the rank of the disassembled seal, the more material you will receive. Be careful - collated seals cannot be recovered.

Crasher Origin: Synthesis Basics (Merge)

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Synthesis value. Through fusion, you can craft items - use low quality or duplicate materials to craft the items you want. Synthesis materials go into your bag after boss and monster battles. You also need to synthesize them in time and prevent inventory overflow.

Synthesis list. Anything can be synthesized. Complete list:

  • Equipment of various colors and stardom;
  • Gemmas;
  • Runes;
  • Seals;
  • Bracelets, rings, jewelry and their grades;
  • Materials for men’s and women’s sets;
  • Sets of stones;
  • Dungeon passes;
  • Titan coupons;
  • Flowers and herbs for a wedding.

How to carry out synthesis? To carry out synthesis, go to the "Merge" functionality, select the desired tab in the bottom and side menus, fill the slots with the required materials, set the number of items and click "Merge". For the synthesis, gold is paid. Please note that in some cases you will have a percentage probability of getting the desired item (this applies to high-ranking items).

The red dot on the item icon indicates the possibility of synthesis. It means that this item is the right material.

Crasher Origin: Album Card Boost

Review of Guides and game Secrets (17)

Value. Album cards further enhance your hero. Moreover, the cards have different properties and are divided by color. The color of the card determines its quality.

Application and pumping. Activated album cards give increases to the hero’s stats. Collect identical cards to increase the level and stardom of the target card. The upgraded landscape card gives a big boost to the characteristics.

Exchange unnecessary landscape cards for random cards of the same color and level.

Combinations of cards. In the "Album Group" tab, combinations of cards are collected. If you collect a full combination, then you will receive an additional bonus to power. Remember: a combination is considered completed only if all album cards in its composition are activated!

As soon as the star level of all cards in a combo is increased to 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, the star level of the combo itself will also be increased.

Crasher Origin: Proper use of things from the bag (Backpack)

Review of Guides and game Secrets (18)

The value of the bag. The bag is represented by slots, which contain everything that you could get during the game or purchase in stores. Also from the bag you can see what specific things, gems, artifacts and equipment are used by your character and what quality they are (stardom).

The number of slots in the bag is limited. To expand its capacity, purchase keys in the store or get them in events.

Warehouse. There are items in the warehouse that do not fit in your bag. Items from the warehouse can be returned if necessary. Warehouse cells are also limited, new ones are opened using keys. The more cells you open, the more keys you will need.

We recommend transferring to the warehouse things received for the future (not suitable for the level), parts of the collected item, letters for participation in events, other items that need to be saved up to the required amount, etc. Unload the bag as much as possible of the items you need but which you will use in the future.

The use of equipment. The equipment in the bag is compared for quality. In this case, you can only use equipment that does not exceed the level of the hero. All equipment in the slots is marked with arrows - red down or green up. Be sure to wear the equipment marked with green arrows upwards - it will add power to you. To do this, click on the slot with the required sample and click "Equip".

Feed unnecessary equipment to your pet to further pump it and free up slots. To absorb, press the "Quick Devour" button in the bag and filter unwanted items by color and rank. Then confirm the absorption with the "Devour" button.

Review of Guides and game Secrets (19)

Where can I get my gear? In addition to the League warehouse, do not forget to drop by the Market. The market is a place for buying and selling equipment and various materials. Players from the server act as sellers here. Only they form the assortment of the market, its filling and set the pricing policy. When you buy, you spend diamonds, and when you sell, you get attached diamonds. Enhanced and temporary items, as well as equipment with inserted gems, cannot be sold on the market.

Sell gear and items you don’t need on the market to always have a stable supply of tethered diamonds.

Crasher Origin: Dungeon Walkthrough (Dungeon)

Review of Guides and game Secrets (20)

Trial Tower Here you need to fight in the Tower, on each floor of which enemies are waiting for you. The higher the floor, the stronger the opponents. Passing the Tower gives the hero new titles, unlocks slots for inserting runes and unlocks access to runes of higher categories. Attempts to fight in the Tower are unlimited. For winning the floors, you get runes and materials to improve the spirit, mount, pet, wings and relics. The quality of the materials won depends on the range of the Tower.

Don’t forget to grab the daily blitz reward for completing Tower floors! Uncollected awards cannot be restored.

Demon Treasure. Dungeon battles have several difficulty levels. Levels open as the account level grows. The higher the difficulty, the more rewards - experience and gold. You need to reflect 4 waves of monsters in a given time. For fulfilling the conditions, you will receive from 0 to 3 stars. When passing a 3-star level, take rewards from it in 1 click for coupons (blitz). 2 battle attempts are available per day.

To exit dungeons and other activities to the main screen, press the "Exit" button on the right.

Guardian Spirit (Kage Guard). These challenges have several difficulty modes that unlock as you level up your account. Your battle is rated according to the 3-star system: if you fail to defeat 9 waves of monsters in a given time, 1 star burns out, and your reward decreases.

When you complete a 3-star dungeon, you get the opportunity to blitz for coupons. 2 call attempts are available per day. The Guardian Spirit dungeon rewards are pet leveling materials. The higher the difficulty of the dungeon, the larger and more valuable the rewards.

Evaluate the hero’s abilities and do not try to fight at the most difficult level if the character is not pumped enough. In this case, it is best to choose the first level of difficulty, get 3 stars and pick up a lot more rewards. If your character is very strong, choose the most difficult level available.

Review of Guides and game Secrets (21)

Ex Fairyland. In this dungeon, you can gain a huge amount of experience simply by killing monsters in a given time. Fights in Ex Fairyland are one of the best ways to gain experience and significantly level up your account.

You have 2 daily attempts to enter the dungeon (VIP players have additional attempts when purchasing VIP cards). To participate in the test, you must apply the orders of experience that are obtained in other activities. The strength of enemies and the experience gained from them depends on the level of the hero.

To accumulate maximum experience in the Fairy Tale Land, use the experience potion during the battle, which additionally increases the experience gained by 1.5 times. We also recommend using the "Motivation" boost, which increases your damage.

Crasher Origin: Boss Fight Guide

Review of Guides and game Secrets (22)

For defeating bosses, you get equipment, leveling materials, new skins, runes and other great rewards. To try your luck in the boss fight, go to the "BOSS" menu and select the appropriate section.

On the "Grinding Settings" tab of the settings, specify what kind of loot you want to collect from bosses. So, if you do not check the box next to the blue quality equipment, it will not be sent to your bag after the victory.

Limitless world bosses. Endless world bosses are divided by levels and become available as the level and power of the player grows. The more powerful the boss, the better the rewards you can pick up for the victory. Battles with these bosses do not consume Fatigue, so you can fight them as many times as you have opportunities and desires. Bosses respawn at certain time periods, the interval of which depends on the number of active players. The more there are, the more often bosses appear.

Use the boss tracking feature to get a reminder 5 minutes before he spawns and arrive on time at the scene of the battle. To do this, check "Follow" on the panel of the boss you need.

Remember that there can be many who want to fight the boss and get rewards, so your fight can develop into a PvP battle. In this case, use instant resurrection for tethered diamonds at the battle site, but wisely - if the enemy is much stronger than you, then it is better to retreat and try your luck next time than to waste a huge amount of currency.

Review of Guides and game Secrets (23)

World bosses with limited attempts. World bosses are located on floors. If you meet the requirements of the level and BM, then you can fight with them. There are 8 floors in total. You have 3 attempts to participate per day. Defeating a world boss consumes 1 unit. Fatigue. When Fatigue is zero, you will not be able to damage the boss. Fatigue is replenished daily, at 00.00.

Use the Fatigue Replenishment Potion to restore your Fatigue - this item can be obtained by replenishing your game account daily.

As with endless bosses, in these battles you have competitors in the form of other players. It is recommended to take part in the activity in the morning and before lunch - it is at this time that there is a lull in the game world, so you can go through the battle and take rewards without unnecessary PvP confrontations.

The general list of bosses is always displayed on the left side of the location screen. You can go to the desired one at any time, or beat several bosses at the same time, if it is worth the effort expended and the rewards dropped out.

Central bosses (Boss Center). For defeating these bosses, you can get new forms of spiritists, wings and relics, as well as get materials for their pumping. To fight the central bosses, you must have a VIP level.

The higher the floor of the boss, the more powerful it is and the better the reward for the victory. Players with VIP4 and higher level can enter the 1st floor, VIP5 on the 2nd floor, etc. Fatigue is not consumed in these battles. The boss rises some time after the battle and becomes open to combat again.

The battle limits are limited by the Rage indicator, which grows after each boss kill. At maximum Fury, the boss is not damaged. Rage is reset daily, at 00.00, 08.00 and 16.00.

Review of Guides and game Secrets (24)

Collect teams for boss battles. In order not to engage in battles with players during boss battles, create common teams and beat bosses with joint efforts. All team members receive awards for victory (depending on the damage done), and the battle itself is easier and faster.

To create a team, click the "Team" button on the main screen on the left, select the desired boss ("Change Target" button), level requirements for players and confirm the creation of a party by clicking "Create Party". Players who join the squad will have the same battle goal, so together you can defeat the enemy without any problems.

Solo boss. Unlike previous modes, with these bosses you always fight alone. To enter the activity, you need challenge tokens or tethered diamonds. The bosses available for battle depend on the player’s level.

1 free token for a single boss battle is given per day. The attempt is restored daily at 00.00. You have one hour to fight, during which you must defeat the boss. For winning you get great trophies, including new skins, equipment and leveling materials.

Choose the right boss wisely and assess your chances of winning wisely. Do not challenge very strong opponents, remember - you only have one free try!

Forbidden area of the void (Nether Area). To enter the Forbidden Void Region, you need to pay several Ghost Dominion codes. As you enter the area over and over, you need more and more codes. At VIP levels, you can enter the activity more times.

After killing the boss in the Forbidden Nether Area, your Rage will increase. Once you have 100 Rage, you will be sent out of the area and you will not be able to fight. Every time you enter an area, your Fury is reset.

The boss respawn interval depends on the number of active players of certain levels. The more active players, the faster bosses respawn.

Crasher Origin: Cross-server rules (Manor event)

Review of Guides and game Secrets (25)

Features. The event is available daily from 08.00 to 02.00 the next day. Here players from different servers fight among themselves to capture points, according to the number of which there are points. The server with the highest number of points receives the reward for the occupation and becomes the master of the territory for the next 4 hours. All areas of the event are divided into levels. To conquer a higher-level territory, you must occupy the lower-level territories.

The reward for the occupation is placed on the territory overview panel. You need to receive it manually, so do not forget to come in and collect your prizes on time!

Territory boss battles (Fortress manor). Kill a Territory Boss to earn Territory Points, which can be used to trade for rewards in the Territory Shop. As the battle progresses, the boss builds up Rage. When it reaches its maximum limit, you will no longer be able to attack. The results of a battle with a territory boss are determined by the amount of damage inflicted on him by players from different servers.

The server with the highest total damage is rewarded in the form of points. Individual awards (runes of various types) are given to server players according to the amount of their damage. The stronger the defeated boss, the greater the reward. Players who are on the same server with the event participants and have not joined the battle are not eligible to receive these prizes.

For the attack on the Holy City, you get the best rewards.

Crasher Origin: Arena Fighting Guide

Review of Guides and game Secrets (26)

The main features of the arena. In the arena, you fight in PvP mode. You need to pick up your opponent and challenge him. 10 free call attempts are available per day (further attempts are purchased for attached diamonds). Each participant in the arena battles has a place in the rating. When you defeat a higher ranked opponent, you take their place. When you defeat an opponent below you, your place does not change.

Selection of an opponent. You are asked to choose one of 4 opponents. If you are not satisfied with the candidates, click the "Another Batch" button and update the list (this action is not limited in any way). Look for opponents who are higher in the rankings and have a lower BR. When you call a stronger player, you risk losing and wasting one of the attempts. The battle process in the arena is not displayed - you can immediately see the result of your battle.

Quick selection. To save time, take advantage of the "Quick Raid" feature for 100 pegged diamonds. So the system will automatically select opponents for you, against whom you are guaranteed to win. In addition, you will receive not 10, but 15 battle attempts.

Please note that in this case, you can fight with players below you in the rating, and not get promoted. If a high place in the rating is important to you, we recommend using the manual search for opponents.

Awards and ratings. For battles in the arena, you get gold and experience. At the same time, awards are given for both victories and defeats (but in smaller numbers). Depending on your place in the rating, you are awarded daily medals of honor - the arena currency that can be exchanged in the arena store for pumping materials.

Review of Guides and game Secrets (27)

Battles in the Contest Hall. In this activity, you need to go through 9 floors and fight enemies, including both monsters and other players. The better the results of your battle, the more rewards you will receive (among them experience, chests with runes, medals of honor and pumping materials). The event takes place in time - every day from 20.00 to 20.15. Don’t forget to get involved!

For successful participation in this activity, it is very important to follow the level of pumping with other players on the server. If you are a weak player, you will become the coveted "punching bag" of both monsters and opponents. Rock in time!

Crasher Origin: League Guide

Review of Guides and game Secrets (28)

Joining and leaving the League. There are open and closed leagues. You enter open ones after submitting an application, and closed ones after its approval. Check the rating of the Leagues, strive to get into the community from the Top 3 server. The more active your League is, the more gaming opportunities will be available to you, including pumping and using the warehouse. In case of a decrease in online among the participants, immediately look for another League for yourself and leave the old one - you can do this in the "Member" tab, the "Quit" button. There are no penalty periods for changing the League in the game.

Don’t forget to collect your free rewards by clicking on "Collect" in the League menu. You can get offline reward cards here. The higher the level of the League, the more valuable the prizes are.

Information about the League. Basic information about the League is presented in the "Info" section and includes the following tabs:

  • Archives - the name of the League, its level, power and motto;
  • Member - a list of League members and online data;
  • Request - requests to join;
  • Ranking - the ranks of the members of the League by power;
  • Lucky Pocket - page for publishing fortune envelopes.

League warehouse. Check out the Warehouse frequently. Here, League members place equipment that can be purchased for warehouse points and used for their hero. All equipment is sorted by filters. The arrows on the equipment show how your BR will change when using this item (red down arrow - BR will decrease, green up - increase). Additionally, purchase an item for replenishing pet experience in the League’s warehouse. Buy it when there is an overabundance of warehouse points and the lack of the necessary equipment in the offers.

Track messages in the League’s chat. Sometimes players notify there about putting new things in the warehouse. Hurry up to buy them first. Keep in mind that you will not be able to use equipment that exceeds the level of your hero, but you can purchase it in advance.

Review of Guides and game Secrets (29)

How do I get warehouse points? To get warehouse points, bring your own equipment to the warehouse ("Donate" button). Please note: only equipment is allowed for sale, starting with purple, having 1 or more stars, 4 and higher rank. Tied, upgraded, or gear with gems embedded in them cannot be traded.

With the change of the League, the warehouse points are reset to zero. In order not to lose your points, first spend them on any equipment from the warehouse of the old League, and then bring it to the warehouse of the new League. So you will make an equal exchange and save currency.

Automatic warehouse cleaning. When there are less than 20 empty bins left in the warehouse, it is automatically cleaned. This removes the lowest quality purple gear. Orange 2-star and higher grade gear is not removed.

League luck envelopes. The "Lucky Pocket" tab will open in the League menu after upgrading your account or the first donation. Here you can receive envelopes of good luck with diamonds from your League comrades. Be careful - the number of envelopes is limited, and you can pick them up only within 24 hours after mailing.

Watch the red dot appear on the tab and receive gifts on time. Uncollected gifts are returned back to the sender.

Leader change due to offline. If a leader is not online for 48 hours in a row, his position will be automatically transferred to a vice leader who left the game world less than 24 hours ago and has more league contributions than any other vice leader who left the game world less than 24 hours ago.

If none of the Vice Leaders meet the requirements, the Leader position will be transferred to a player who left the game world less than 24 hours ago and has more overall league contributions than any other player who left the game world less than 24 hours ago.

League Events

Be sure to take part in the events of the League ("Events" tab). Be careful - they all run on schedule and are not always available. In rewards for participation, you can get high-quality equipment and pumping items.

1. Boss of the League. To call the boss, you need "food", which is obtained by completing League quests. 5 calls are available per week. The difficulty of the boss and the quality of the rewards for victory depend on the level of the League. Activity is available daily, from 20.00 to 21.30 server time.

Review of Guides and game Secrets (30)

2. Feast of the League. It takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, from 20.20 to 20.30. Players of level 200 and above are allowed to participate. Come to the Feast at a given time and look for "bags of happiness" with various rewards. You also have a chance to find a prize chest with several "bags of happiness".

3. Defense of the League. It takes place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, from 20.20 to 20.35. Defend from monsters and protect the crystals of your League. All players are allowed to participate.

4. League Battles. It takes place on Sundays, from 21.00 to 21.15. Challenge members of other Leagues and monsters. For victories, you earn points, on the basis of which the consolidated League rating is calculated. The league with the most points is announced at the end of the season as the New Victory League. Members of the Leagues of the participants receive awards depending on their place in the ranking. The leader of the New Victory League receives a special award.

Crasher Origin: Completing Daily Quests

Review of Guides and game Secrets (31)

Features. Daily tasks are found in the "Daily" menu and must be completed every day. All the activities that you have to go through are grouped here: from regular non-stop battles to battles with world bosses.

Completing daily tasks gives you activity points, for which you receive additional rewards. Also, your level of activity increases, which adds power to the hero.

Types of tasks. New daily tasks are added as you progress in the game and unlock new activities. Among the tasks:

  • Battles with monsters on the main screen (main map);
  • Arena battles;
  • Fights in the dungeon of the Guardian Spirit;
  • Demon’s Treasure Walkthrough;
  • Fights in a fabulous land of experience;
  • World boss battle;
  • Execution of an escort;
  • Strengthening equipment;
  • Daily quest to kill monsters;
  • Finding a place for a bot;
  • Solo boss battle;
  • Territory boss battle;
  • Passing the Forbidden Area of the Void;
  • Participation in Karma.
Make sure to complete all daily tasks to receive as many rewards as possible!

Compensation. Get rewards for missed events in the "Retrieve resources" tab. You will have to pay for this in gold or pegged diamonds. Please note that in compensation you receive only a small part of the rewards that you could earn if you were fully involved in the activity.

Review of Guides and game Secrets (32)

Events by time. Click on the "Daily" tab for a list of events that start by time. Be careful - they all last no more than 15 minutes, and it is highly discouraged to skip them, because for them you get cool rewards and earn activity points.

Be sure to keep track of the server time so as not to miss events! We recommend setting up a reminder system on your phone or preparing yourself a "cheat sheet" so that you know exactly when you need to be online in the game.

Crasher Origin: Escort Walkthrough

Review of Guides and game Secrets (33)

What do you need to do in an escort? Go to the escort from the daily tasks tab. Your goal here is to escort the Goddess to her destination. For this you get gold and experience. The amount of the reward depends on the type of escort you have chosen. There are 4 of them:

  • Goddess Hebe Escort;
  • Goddess Escort Miverna;
  • Goddess Cynthia Escort;
  • Escort Goddess Aphrodite.

The Hebe escort is free, and for the other three you need to deposit escort items (available from the store). The escort of the Goddess Miverna needs 1 item, the escort of the Goddess Cynthia - 2, the escort of the Goddess Aphrodite - 3.

The escorts of the Goddess Cynthia and the Goddess Aphrodite are not the most profitable in terms of return on resources. It is best to use the paid Goddess Miverna escort or the free Goddess Hebe escort.

Process. The escort lasts 1 minute. During this time, you carry the cargo from the starting point to the final one. On the way, other players may attack you and plunder your carriage. The number of robberies is limited. Your reward depends on the size of the cargo that you manage to bring to the destination. There are 3 escort attempts per day.

For participation in the escort, which takes place at 16.00 and 21.30, you will receive double rewards!

Crasher Origin: Finding Couple & Wedding

Review of Guides and game Secrets (34)

How to find a pair? To find a soul mate, click "Get Married" in the "Karma" menu. A player of the opposite gender must respond to your request within 24 hours. After this time, the request expires, but you can repeat it as many times as you like.

Sentence. First you need to make an offer - donate a ring for diamonds. Your partner will have 10 minutes to accept the ring and answer you. If this does not happen, the offer will be considered rejected. In this case, you will lose the diamonds you spent on the purchase of the ring.

We recommend that you agree in advance with another player in the chat so that he will be online at the right time and promptly accept your offer.

The consequences of the wedding. After a successful marriage proposal, your heroes will get engaged, prepare for the feast, invite guests and the feast itself - the wedding. Married heroes have special titles that give increases to stats, and an amulet of love, which can also be pumped. Married couples go through a dungeon dungeon together, own a love box and can have a child.

Divorce. After the divorce, the heroes restore their previous statuses and lose access to the dungeon dungeon. The box of love loses its effect, the child of the couple is saved, attempts to book the marriage are canceled, but the activated title of the couple is preserved.

Crasher Origin: Events and Promotions Overview

Review of Guides and game Secrets (35)

Welfare. A generous promotion that allows you to collect additional rewards for activity in the game. Includes tabs:

  • Level Rush Up - receiving rewards for increasing the level of your account. Additional prizes are also provided for VIP players;
  • Daily Check-In - rewards for daily entry, as well as additional rewards for the total entry into the game for 2, 7, 14, 21 and 28 days in a row;
  • Make Wish - getting gold and experience (once a day - free, then - for diamonds);
  • Update Notice - check out this tab to see updates in the game and collect rewards for it;
  • Pack Exchange - tab for activating individual gift codes. Get codes by registering on the developer’s website;
  • SNS - the issuance of linked diamonds for likes and reposts on the Facebook social network. You can get 10 units per day. currency.

Word Collection. During this periodic event, you receive letters when you defeat monsters and bosses. After collecting the desired word from the letters, exchange them for a chest with high-ranking equipment and materials for pumping. The event starts on the "Recharge Today" tab and is limited in time, so keep track of the period of its holding and collect the word promptly and on time.

Review of Guides and game Secrets (36)

Treasure Hunt. In this event, you have to open the chests with golden keys. Keys are bought for diamonds. The more chests you open, the more rare items you can get. For 10,000 gold you get 10 keys, and for 50,000 - 45 keys and the ability to open 50 chests (that is, you open 5 chests for free).

Each treasure you find increases your overall server luck, which in turn increases your chances of obtaining rare treasures. When the player receives the center, the rarest item, the server luck indicator is reset and begins to accumulate from the beginning. For participating in the activity, you get treasure points that you need to spend in the treasure store.

Achieves. This activity can be called the summary statistics of all game achievements. There are 6 sections: growth, equipment, relationships, allies, daily quests and adventures. Each section is divided into subsections with specific achievements for each item. The appearance of a red dot on the section indicates the opportunity to take another reward for success. Your progress in each section is shown in points on the green bars, and the total number of points on the blue main bar.

Crasher Origin: The correct donation

Review of Guides and game Secrets (37)

First payment promotion. For the first replenishment of your account, you get generous gifts: weapons with a unique design (depending on the class of the hero), a new suit and an experience booster that allows you to get experience faster and level up. In addition to the main prizes, you also collect additional gifts with no less generous content.

Buying diamonds. Buy diamonds on the "Recharge" tab by clicking on the "+" next to their designation on the main screen. Diamonds are sold in varying quantities. There are no bonus replenishments for purchases of packs. By purchasing diamonds, you get VIP points. Also on the "Recharge" tab you can buy a pack of pegged diamonds - with it you will receive 100 pegged diamonds daily in the first 7 days of the game.

Buying a pack of tethered diamonds will be especially useful in pumping in the early stages of the game.

Replenishment rewards for newbies. Top up your diamond account and get additional rewards from the "Server Opening Top-Up" tab. Please note that this is a temporary event for newbie donators, so if you want to pick up some great rewards (including exclusive top quality skins, gear and leveling materials), then hurry up.

Take part in temporary promotions for donators, where there are always very good purchases with great discounts. Pay attention to the icons of new shares on the main screen of the game.

VIP level. As VIP points grow, your VIP level is pumped, which gives you the opportunity to buy VIP cards for diamonds. With VIP cards, you can play new exclusive VIP dungeons and level up faster with the XP booster and additional attempts to enter XP Fairyland. There are 3 types of VIP-cards: monthly, 3-month and annual.

Review of Guides and game Secrets (38)

Investment plan. One of the best deals for players looking for a long and productive game. Buy an investment plan and get linked diamonds for every 30 account levels you reach. Several categories of investment plans are available.

You can update your current investment plan to fill the corresponding diamond deficit. After updating the investment plan, you can immediately pick up the unreceived part of the attached diamonds.

Buying monthly cards. By purchasing a monthly card, you get 300 linked diamonds at a time and 70 diamonds each for 30 days of play, for a total of 2400 linked diamonds. It is also one of the best donations and a continuous source of premium currency top-ups.

Shopping in the store. In the Store, you can spend your diamonds and attached diamonds to purchase various items and packs. Some of them are only available to VIP players. For attached diamonds, buy offline cards, experience potions, buffs and activity passes.

Crasher Origin: Is It Worth Playing?

Review of Guides and game Secrets (39)

Crasher: Origin combines many recognizable elements of classic MMORPGs - brave warlike heroes, dark dungeons with monsters and bosses, a wide variety of weapons, multiple pumping and a storyline where you need to save the world from a powerful Evil. In general, the game turned out to be very beautiful and exciting. Its undoubted advantages:

  • Economical pumping. The game makes mistakes in leveling and is ready to return the materials you spent. Nothing will be wasted here - the new equipment receives all the improvements of the previous one. If you need to return resources, use decomposition and synthesis.
  • Loyalty to the players. Even if you did not have time to take part in temporary activities, you can refund some of the rewards. There is absolutely no need to spend 24 hours in the game. Using cards offline also helps you collect good rewards.
  • Many discoveries. You are constantly in search of new skins, new equipment, master synthesis, get runes and seals, etc. The game does not let you get bored.


  • Too small text and characters. Sometimes you cannot read the name of the object or activity you are looking for. Your fighter on a vertical screen is very small. Because of this, it is simply impossible to enjoy the animation of the battle and the appearance of the hero.
  • Donate. Donators get great advantages over regular players. Many items can only be purchased for diamonds (purchased with real money);
  • Monotony. There are a lot of activities in the game, but most of them are no different from each other.

The author of the article: Nadezhda D., Yaroslav I.

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