Discord Nitro Free 2023 - Free Codes (2023)

Discord Nitro Free 2023 - Free Codes (1)

Few messaging apps have reached such significant popularity as Discord. Although it has always remained focused on the players, over the years and with the arrival of the pandemic it has managed to diversify and cover different branches. For that reason, today we will teach you to have Discord Nitro free.

Although it seems impossible, get Discord Nitro for free It is something quite easy, thanks to the various methods that we will present to you in this guide. Either through Discord Nitro free codes or Discord Nitro free Android, here you can find the best of the best.

If you are interested in this platform, do not forget to navigate within TecnoGuias, where we have several articles about it. On this occasion, we recommend that you visit the guide to add bots from music on Discord.

With all that said, we can get started!


  • 1 What is Discord?
    • 1.1 Discord Features
    • 1.2 Why is Discord so popular?
  • 2 Get Discord Nitro for free
  • 3 Discord Nitro free Epic Games
    • 3.1 Activate Discord Nitro Epic Games
  • 4 Discord Nitro free APK
  • 5 Free Discord Nitro Codes 2021
    • 5.1 How to activate a Discord Nitro code?
  • 6 Discord Nitro free on gift servers
  • 7 Advantages of Discord Nitro
  • 8 Conclution

What is Discord?

Before teaching you how to get Discord Nitro for freeLet's talk a bit about this platform, its features, and its exploding popularity in recent months.

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Discord is a platform that allows you to create groups that are called servers, aimed at the participation of different people in the same place. All of this is accomplished through the creation of well-organized and customizable messaging groups.

It is currently available on PC, mobile devices and some video game consoles. In addition, it has a page accessible from the browser to be used without having to download anything.

Discord Features

  • Allows you to create as many servers as you want for free
  • Thanks to its customization features, each server can be divided into different channels. The channels can be edited by the administrators and decide their rules and permissions to interact in it
  • It has voice channels to interact with other users using the microphone
  • It has a function in the background that allows you to continue using it while you play on your computer
  • It does not require a high internet speed to enjoy all its features
  • You can share servers through a invitation link permanent or temporary, restricting access as you like
  • Thanks to the public servants section, you will be able to find popular channels that may be of interest to you
  • It is possible to share your screen with other users

Why is Discord so popular?

Discord has always been a benchmark for players, having a space on their computers since its creation. However, with the arrival of the pandemic, many professionals and educators found it an excellent alternative to hold their meetings.

For this reason, he has managed to dethrone some greats like Skype Y TeamSpeak, quickly becoming the most important online communication application today.

Discord Nitro Free 2023 - Free Codes (2)

Get Discord Nitro for free

Now that you know what Discord is, you may be wondering how to get Discord Nitro free 2021. Well, then, we are going to show you a series of alternatives that you can use to get it without having to pay anything.

Please note that many of these offers are available only from temporary form while others can only be used on mobile devices. With this cleared up, let's go!

Discord Nitro free Epic Games

Through a collaboration between Discord and the Epic Games Store, we can get three months of Discord Nitro free. First of all, it must be clarified that this offer was available only for a limited time, but, there was already talk about repeating this offer in the near future.

To access Discord Nitro free Epic Games Store, you should:

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  • Enter the official website of Epic Games Store or access through your desktop application (if you have Fortnite installed, you should already have it)
  • Create a new account with an email or using one of the supported platforms such as Google or Facebook
  • Go to the section "Shop"
  • Navigate at the top until it appears "Super discount on Discord Nitro" and click on it
  • On the right side, press "Get"
  • Confirm your purchase
  • Ready! Now you just have to wait for the confirmation of the purchase that will arrive to your email

Activate Discord Nitro Epic Games

Once you have done the above, you must follow the following steps to activate Nitro in your Discord account:

  • Access your email and look for the email that has as a subject "Your Discord Nitro code"
  • Open the link attached in the email that will redirect you to Discord
  • Login to your Discord account or create a new one with your email
  • Select a payment method (this may vary depending on your region, but usually a credit card or bank account is enough). Paypal)
  • Click on "Get Nitro monthly"
  • It is done! From the moment of its activation, you can enjoy 3 months of Discord Nitro free
Discord Nitro Free 2023 - Free Codes (3)

Discord Nitro free APK

If you don't have a computer, you will be happy to know that there is also a surefire way to get Discord Nitro free Android. To achieve this, we will use a file APK, a fast and easy way to install applications on your device.

In case you don't know what an APK is, we'll briefly explain it to you. An APK file consists of a special type of file through which we can install applications on Android without using the Play Store.

The main advantage that this offers us is to get modified versions of said application or to provide access to old versions. In this case, Discord Nitro free APK gives us full access to all payment benefits.

To have Discord Nitro free hack, you should:

  • Open your browser and search "Discord Nitro free APK"
  • Go to one of the sites that has the latest updated version (remember to check the rating and user reviews to see if it really works)
  • Press the button "Download"
  • If you are installing an APK for the first time, when trying the file you must authorize the browser to open it
  • Go to settings and activate "Unknown sources" on your mobile
  • Open the file again and follow the installation steps
  • Done! Just open your Discord account or create a new one to start enjoying the benefits of Nitro
Discord Nitro Free 2023 - Free Codes (4)
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Download Discord Nitro Free 2023

Free Discord Nitro Codes 2021

Similar to many other apps, Discord features codes that can be used to activate Nitro in your account.

These codes can be purchased from various sites or sent as a gift. However, to save you the search, here in TecnoGuias We have gathered the best free codes and we bring them to you.

Promotional CodesDescription
BIHOOD202120% discount
DISCORDTEX2210% subscription
NITRAN331 month free
VELIDRIVE25% discount
KNNETC7 days free
DRRABIT5 % extra discount
AENYIOOWW15 days free
5825SidTEE10% quarterly subscription

All these codes will allow you to enjoy a month of Discord Nitro free. In case the codes do not work, remember to stop by again, as the list will be updated regularly.

How to activate a Discord Nitro code?

  • Download the Discord app or log in through its web version
  • Enter the section "User settings"
  • On the left side, locate "Billing Adjustments" and click on "Gift Inventory"
  • On this screen you will have a text box where you must enter your code
  • Click on "Exchange"
  • Ready! After doing this, you can enjoy Discord Nitro free 1 month
Discord Nitro Free 2023 - Free Codes (5)

Discord Nitro free on gift servers

A strategy that not many know to obtain Discord Nitro free, is the one that involves the gift servers.

What is a gift server? It is a server created by members of the community who have a special section dedicated to giving Discord Nitro to their participants. Clearly this is a bit more complicated, as it requires luck.

If you are willing to give it a try, here are some recommended servers:

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  • https://discord.gg/sfe
  • https://discord.gg/customname
  • https://discord.gg/sound
  • https://discord.gg/duck
  • https://discord.gg/BnzxPFS

Each of these servers has a channel called "#Giveaways"Simply enter one of them and follow the instructions to participate.

Note: Many popular servers have channels under the name of # Draws or #Giveaways. Whenever you enter a new one, visit these channels so you do not miss the opportunity to get Discord Nitro free.

Advantages of Discord Nitro

Since you know the different alternatives to obtain Discord Nitro free, let's take a look at the benefits it offers.

Discord Nitro is priced at 9,99€ per month or 99,99€ if you opt for the annual plan. The advantages that you will obtain when acquiring the subscription are:

  • Customize your profile using animated avatars, a poster and a label of your choice
  • Use the custom stickers and get access to 300 exclusive Nitro stickers
  • Use emojis from any server whenever you want, even animated ones
  • Get 2 server upgrades and a Discount 30% in additional improvements
  • Customize your profile with the Nitro badge
  • Upload files up to 100MB
  • Access and create broadcasts on full HD
  • More than 4000 characters for the description of your profile message
  • Be part of up 200 servers
Discord Nitro Free 2023 - Free Codes (6)


With Discord's current popularity, enjoying Discord Nitro is a highly coveted benefit for its members. That is why we hope that our guide to have Discord Nitro free be of great help to you.

If you're interested in more Discord content, keep browsing here at TecnoGuias and don't forget to visit our article on add Discord friends. This is one of the many guides that we have available on our website.

Do you know another method that we have not mentioned? You can leave it in the comments so that other users know about it. Thank you very much for reading and we hope you visit us again, see you later!

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How can I get a free Discord Nitro code? ›

How to get free Discord Nitro codes
  1. Swagbucks. Swagbucks is the most popular loyalty and consumer rewards program. ...
  2. Survey Junkie. Survey Junkie is an online survey community where you can earn Discord Nitro and cash by completing research activities. ...
  3. Branded Surveys.
Jan 6, 2023

Are Free Nitro giveaways real? ›

Is the free Discord Nitro bot legit or a scam in 2022? No, they are a scam and phishing. Falling for them will cause your account to be hacked.

How can I get Nitro free today? ›

Following are the possible ways to get Discord Nitro for free.
  1. Method 1: Through Discord Partner Program.
  2. Method 2: Through Mobile Discord App.
  3. Method 3: Follow Discord Events.
  4. Method 4: Participate in Discord Server Giveaways.
  5. Method 5: Participate in Discord Servers.
  6. Method 6: Get Free Nitro with Bundled Gift/Promotion.
Sep 26, 2022

How long is nitro free for? ›

Subscription: After the 1 month free trial period, your Nitro subscription will convert to a monthly recurring subscription, and Discord will bill your payment method for US$9.99/month until you cancel it. You can cancel at any time in your Discord User Settings.

Is there a Nitro free trial? ›

Follow the instructions on the offer page to start your free month of Nitro. Reminder: The free trial is only available to new Discord Nitro users.

Do Discord Nitro codes expire? ›

Nope. The person who accepted the gift will be prompted to renew the Nitro themselves with their own money, but the person who sent the gift will NOT have any renewal at all, unless of course they send another gift after the subscription ends.

Is Discord Nitro a waste? ›

If you run a server, are trying to build a community, and make use of server upgrades, then Discord Nitro is well worth your time and money. The benefits you receive from Nitro on server boosts alone are well worth the cost of the subscription.

Can you gift Nitro to yourself? ›

Turns out you can't. So I bought a 1 year subscription as a gift thinking I could claim it to find out I can't. Why did I do this? I already had a 1 month subscription linked to my card and I was going to buy the 1 year subscription with Apple Store credit, so I didn't want to go through that hassle.

Do you get free Nitro on your birthday? ›

Receive a Discord Nitro subscription on your birthday. Users should enter their birthday date when creating their Discord account, unless they already had it created, they should only assign said date somewhere in their user profile.

Is Nitro worth it? ›

Yes! Discord Nitro is well worth it for the common users of Discord. As it has a lot of new features with great improvements. Discord might not be worthwhile, though, if you only use it occasionally to play games and communicate with friends.

Can I cancel Nitro without losing it? ›

Q: Will I lose all perks immediately after canceling Discord Nitro? No, you can continue using all the Discord Nitro features until the end of your current billing cycle.

Can you cancel 1 month free Nitro? ›

If you'd like to cancel, open User Settings > select Subscriptions then Cancel next to your subscription.

How do I claim Nitro credit? ›

How do I Activate my Subscription Credit? When your current Nitro subscription has expired or is removed, the subscription credit for the gift will apply when you activate that matching subscription on the desktop/browser Discord app.

Does Nitro renew if gifted? ›

If you already have an active Nitro subscription, the gift will become account credit. You can see these in the Subscriptions section (within User Settings). The gift won't automatically redeem. Instead, you'll need to manually subscribe to Discord Nitro.

Can you gift 2 months of Nitro? ›

You can, by gifting monthly & yearly subscriptions of Nitro & Nitro Basic to your friends, whether you're on desktop or mobile devices. What this article covers: How to Purchase a Nitro or Nitro Basic Gift.

Can Discord Nitro be a virus? ›

Discord malware can be spread through cracked versions of the Discord Nitro app. The malicious code in these versions of the app steals the user's personal information and sends it to a third party or installs other forms of malware onto their device.

Why did nitro stop giving games? ›

Discord's monthly Nitro subscription is removing free game offerings from its list of perks, a decision the company says it made because the games offered simply weren't being played.

What is the cheapest Nitro Discord? ›

  • Discord Nitro 1 Year Subscription (Global) US $ 99.99.
  • Discord Nitro 1 Month Subscription (Global) US $ 9.99.
  • Discord Nitro Classic 1 Year Subscription (Global) US $ 49.99. Out of Stock.
  • Discord Nitro Classic 1 Month Subscription (Global) US $ 4.99. Out of Stock.

How do I claim my Nitro Discord 2022 for free? ›

I RECEIVED MY DISCORD NITRO REDEMPTION LINK VIA EMAIL, HOW DO I REDEEM THIS OFFER? Click the link to redeem your free 1 months Discord Nitro subscription. From there, sign up for Discord (or sign-in if you already have an account). If eligible, the 1 month subscription will be automatically added to your account.

What happens to unclaimed Discord Nitro gifts? ›

However, for unclaimed gifts purchased on Discord on desktop/web/Android, you will have 5 days from the initial purchase date to request a refund with our Support Team.

Can I gift my Nitro to someone? ›

Tap your profile picture in the bottom-right to open User Settings. Beneath Nitro Settings, tap Nitro Gifting. Select whichever Nitro you wish to gift and follow the payment process. You'll get a gift link, which you can Copy and send directly to your recipient.

How do I know if a Nitro gift is real? ›

Here are some signs to tell real nitro vs fake nitro. Don't click any links for it To accept a real discord nitro gift, you don't need to click links. You should be able to accept gifts through the special embed that is generated as seen in the image of the “real” one.


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