Cydney Bernard - All You Need to Know (2023)

Cydney Bernand is an American producer famous for her profession and for being the wife of renowned actor Jodie Foster. She is also a well-known personality in Hollywood and started her profession as a producer and director. And she has also worked as a production manager for the British show Mr. Bean.

She was born on March 30, 1953, in the United States, with the birth sign of Leo. Similarly, she holds an American nationality and follows white ethnicity. She has also said that her lucky color is red and her lucky stone is diamond, and she also loves wearing diamond products.

Early Life

Cydney was born in the United States, where she used to live with her parents and sibling, and most of her childhood memories existed with her parents in her early life. Similarly, there isn't factual information about her education detail and others. But she may be a talented student back then.

Her father's name was Thomas Joseph Bernard, her mother's name was Kit Bernard, and her stepmother's name was Teresa Bernard. And his sibling's name is Dustin R. Bernad. And there isn't factual information about their profession and work. But they may live a happy life in the past.

Career Journey

In 1990, Cydney started working as a production coordinator. She contributed to the television film A Mom for Christmas. Similarly, she coordinated the production of movies like Sommersby, L.A. Story, and Yesterday's Hero. Additionally, she created television films like Spinning Boris, Ratz, and A Girl Thing.

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Additionally, she oversaw the production of movies including The L Word, Roswell, Family Prayers, Off the Map, Bean, Loch Ness, Ruby Jean and Joe, and others. Her 1994 production management effort, The Client, earned $117,615,211 at the box office.

Relationship Status

Cydney Bernard met Jodie Foster met in a set of movies and started feeling for her. In 1993, the beautiful lovebirds met while they were working on the movie set called Sommersby.

She was working as a production coordinator on the movie, coordinator and her loved one started playing the role of Laurel Sommersby. And they started dating each other, which also turned into marriage.

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Similarly, while working on the movie, they saw the same similarities and started sharing affection for themselves. They connected immediately and started meeting after the movie production was over. And after a few times, they got married and lived a happy married life.

Bernard and Foster's Love Story and Divorce

The beautiful lovebirds dated silently for many years without letting the information leak into the outside world. They both were seen together most of the time, but no one knew about their relationship. And after learning about their relationship, it is said that they lived in West Hollywood and became live-in partners who did everything together.

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Unfortunately, they had two kids together and were living a happy life together. But, when it came to raising children and cooking for them, their beautiful bond slowly turned into disagreement and argument. They were together for 15 years but sadly turned into divorce, and they decided to get it through mutual understanding.

About Their Children

The beautiful couple welcomed two children together, whose names are Charles Bernard Foster and Kit Bernard Foster. They are both males, follow white ethnicity, and hold an American nationality following Christain nationality. And their childhood went journey went slightly hard due to their parent's divorce.

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Similarly, Charles was born on 20 July 1998, with the zodiac sign of Cancer, and Kit was born on September 29 July 20, 2001, with the zodiac sign of Libra. They both are talented students and currently studying, but there isn't factual information about their college and university. And they both are unmarried.

Why Did the Couple Separated?

The lovely dovely couple was living a happy life but slowly started ignoring and began to speak about the matters only. According to the rumors, it is said that Jodie started bringing changes and broke the relationship. The actress divorced Bernard to run after a relationship with another producer and writer called Cindy Mort.

Therefore, Foster and Cindy met the same way she and Bernard met on the movie set. It also said that the couple met on the location of the movie The Brave One, a psychological thriller movie in 2006. They started feeling for each either and began dating. But it didn't last long, and they separated after two years in 2008.

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Foster's Acknowledgment of Bernard Made Her Popular

In 2007, Jodie first talked about bernard when she attended the annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast event to receive an award and publicly insinuated that they were in a relationship. At that time, the news made the biggest headlines, but everyone didn't pay much attention to the information because Foster was not so straightforward with her messages saying her gay.

In 2013, Fister mentioned Bernard for the second time publicly, and it caused quite a big clutter. Similarly, in January 2013, about four years after the divorce, Jodie won the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the 70th Golden Globe Awards, and she attended the program to receive it. And during the speech, she also clearly mentions that Bernard is Gay, which shocked everyone at the event.

Who is Jodie Foster?

Jodie Foster is a highly-paid American actress and producer and is well-known for her outstanding role and plays in different movies. She began her career at an early age when she was three. She started appearing in a Coppertone television advertisement in 1965, continued her work in advertising, and became successful in over 50 television shows.

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Similarly, she was born in the United States on November 19, 1962, with the birth sign of Scorpio, and followed the Christain religion. Her sexual Orientation is gay, and she got married to Bernard. Likewise, she has a net worth of $100 million. And she has a height of 5 feet 3 inches and a weight of 58 kg with a body measurement of 33-24-33 inches.

Who Is Cydney Bernard Dating Now?

Cydney is currently single right now. She may be waiting for the right time and person to come to her. Similarly, the famous actress has been a pretty personal and private person who mostly minds her business. When she broke up with Foster, no one saw them together and but they may meet somewhere personally.

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Similarly, she hasn't had a romantic relationship with anyone after a sad breakup. So, she may be single for a very long time. Therefore, Jodie has chosen another partner after moving on from Bernard. After their break, Bernard started dating Cindy Mort, a director, screenwriter, and producer. But sadly, their relationship didn't last long because Cindy reportedly dumped Foster in 2009.

Net Worth of $5 million

Cydney Bernard is a famous actress with an estimated net worth of $5 million, which she earns from her profession and hard work. She also makes this hefty sum through her outstanding performance in different movies. Similarly, she is not active on social media platforms, so she may not earn any money from there.

She may be living luxuriously without any problems or difficulties. She may be enjoying a single life happily and maybe saving some money for her upcoming bright future. And she is perhaps satisfied with her income and living happily.

Social Media Appearance

Cydney is a well-known paid actress who is also known for being the wife of Jodie. She is pretty private and personal in her personal life, so she isn't active on social media.

Being a famous actress, she isn't active on social media platforms, but she has earned millions of fans and followers outside social media platforms. And she is very popular among ordinary human beings.

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Body Measurements

Cydney Bernard is a famous actress who has played different roles in various movies. She suits every position in any film. She looks beautiful. She may be doing daily exercise and working out to make herself fit and healthy as per her acting role.

Similarly, she has a height of 5 feet 1 inch and a weight of 58 kg. She has a white skin tone and a slim body with brown hair color and natural black eyes color. As of now, she is aged, so that she may have taken a break from her acting journey, and her skin has started getting wrinkles.

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